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About Me

I am a Wife to an amazing husband and Mother to the greatest 2 children in the world.  As a photographer myself, I would do most of my photoshoots here on the farm, as there were so many hidden natural gems here that I loved. Pastures, Food growing on trellises with blooming flowers of green beans, the pond with the island and Sunflowers.  Oh....How I love Sunflowers.  Then one thing led to another.  I asked my husband to put in a tree swing for photoshoots.  I then asked if he could build me my dream chicken coops of an old west town.  And then a colored door wall.  And then a greenhouse.  One thing led to another and then I realized that my Outdoor Studio here on the farm was coming to life! I also decided that I did not want to keep this beautiful space of our farm just to me, and we as a family had decided to open it up for other photographers, artists and couples to use the space as they choose. We hope this place of course, is a one-of-a-kind space for photographers and artists to work their magic, and for couples to begin their forever.

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