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Where is the Sun?

The most asked question!  The shooting area with all the backdrops (greenhouse, truck, pond, ect.) is backlit in the morning as the sun comes up from the back left side of the farm.  The greenhouse, truck and log wall are in sun in the afternoon and evening and back to shade again the last hour before sunset/golden hour.  In the summer the truck is shaded by the pecan trees a few hours from sunset. 


Can we run Mini Sessions?

Absolutely!  We do not charge a different price to run your mini sessions.  


Is there enough parking for my clients and I?

When you pull into the farm, you will just follow the parking signs to the parking area.  There is plenty of parking for you and your clients.  The driveway then continues to a wrap around/ circular driveway making it easy for you and your clients to get in and out when running your mini sessions.

Can we bring our own props?

You sure can!  You are allowed to bring your visions to life here on the farm!  We even leave a wagon by the parking area so you don't need to make a ton of trips and make it easier for you to do so.


Are we allowed to shoot boudoir?

You sure are!  When checking out just let us know you are shooting boudoir where it asks if we need to know anything to ensure complete privacy! There is an Add on fee for boudoir.  Be sure to add when checking out. 

Can we bring pets?

Yep!  We love pets!  We just asks if you bring your dogs, to please keep on a leash.  (We don't want them chasing our animals) And that you clean up any messes.  Be respectful of other clients and photographers who do not want to step in anything. Have livestock pets?  They are welcome too!  Our wrap around driveway was put in just so we could haul our horses in and out easy making it easy on your clients bringing in a trailer!

Do you have a restroom?

We do!  It is right next to the parking area on the side of the tire wall.  White door.  We are a farm, sorry no ac in the restroom.  

Am I the only photographer during my slotted time?

98% of the time yes!  If it is a rainy season, reschedules need to be made for those who were rained out.  We will call and ask if you mind sharing with another photographer during your time slot if we need to try and get those that were rained out a day and time. 

Is electricity provided?

Yep.  If you need electricity for lighting, gear or props, just let us know upon checkout and we can have it available to you.


What happens if it rains?

We will get you rescheduled to another day.  We will not make rain decision until day of the shoot as weather changes daily with rain percentages.


What if I need to cancel?

No refunds will be given for cancellations. Renters should rent with the expectation that your payment is non-refundable and plan your business policies accordingly. 


Do you reschedule?

Reschedules are only given for rain outs. Reschedules are not given for wet/muddy grounds, winds or cloudy weather or cancellations of your clients. 


What if I go over my time?

Please stick to your time slot. Arrive on time and depart on time. Your time includes setting up and taking down if you are bringing your own set ups/props. Please be respectful of other photographer's time that is more than likely before and after you. If you do stay longer than your allotted time slot you will be invoiced for the next hour. 


I rented a set up - what does that all entail?

When you arrive, your set up will be up and ready for you and your clients as pictured.  Set ups will not be moved around.   You also have access to the rest of the backdrops (greenhouse, truck, ect.)  and are not limited to just your set up during your booking. 


Can I get a tour before I book?

Absolutely!  Please give us a call to schedule a day and time!  We encourage everyone that has never booked to come take a tour to see everything!

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