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*Vintage Truck
*Color Door Wall
*Texas Flag on Barn
*Clawfoot Tub
*Restroom Avail/
 Changing Area
*Flower Cart
*Door Nook

Farm Rentals:

We welcome all visitors on the farm! But please remember, we are a working farm and would love to know when to expect you.

♥ Appointments to visit the farm are required. ♥

 ~ Our store is now open! Be sure to stop in for some honey, eggs and more from right here off the farm! ~

Scroll to bottom of page to check availably and book

* Canopy Bed
*Island & Deck
* Tree Swings
* Tire Wall
*Un-mowed Grass
*Other Hidden Gems!
*Triangle Arches
*Holiday Wall



Greenhouse - Little Ranch Farm

We love visitors here at the Farm.  But, please remember, this is a working farm and we would love to know to expect you. 


Appointments are required! We are open from 7am-9pm Monday through Sunday.  

We are closed on all major holidays.

If you have any questions, please call or text Natasha at 281-508-8705.


For Photographers & Videographers:


During your shoot, you will be the only photographer during that scheduled time. The farm/outdoor studio is exclusively yours during your time. There are no Double Bookings.  Perfect for those wanting to shoot Boudoir.  Please let us know if you are shooting boudoir to ensure complete privacy for your shoot. There is an add on fee for comlete privacy. 

Also perfect for those running mini sessions. 

Please be respectful of your time.  Your rental hour includes your set up and take down if using/bringing props.

 On your first visit, we’ll arrange a brief tour so you can learn where to check in and what is available throughout the farm. Once you know the ropes, you are free to roam and bring your visions to life!

Have Livestock you would like to include in your session?  We welcome horses, cattle, lambs, and all pets.  Must be kept on leash or lead line. Wrap around driveway makes it easy to pull your trailer in, around and out for your session!

Looking for a Photographer for a Session here at the farm?

If you'd like to book Natasha Snyder (Hi there, I'm the owner and photographer as well!) for a session at the farm, you can look at pricing and book here. The farm rental fee is waived.

Renting for a Wedding>?  Check out the tab for Weddings! 

Check our Add-on page for additional add-ons as well as set ups for themes for your sessions!


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 Photography & Videography Only


Weekday Rates ~ (Monday - Thursday)

$45.00 per Hour

$160 Half Day Rate - 4 Hours

$300 Full Day Rate - 8 Hours

Weekend Rates ~ (Friday - Sunday)

$65.00 per Hour

$240.00 Half Day Rate - 4 Hours

$460 Full Day Rate - 8 Hours

Your hourly rental fee includes your private farm rental with over 30 unique spaces designed with the photographer in mind!

Please contact us for Micro Events/Weddings/ Ceremonies /Vow Renewals 

Styled Shoots not Permitted as the Little Ranch Farm will be Hosting all Styled Shoots.    

For bookings, minimum increments of one hour are required.


If any of your days our rained out, The Little Ranch Farm will work with you to reschedule your session times here on the farm.


No refunds will be given for any cancellations. Reschedules are only given due to inclement downpour weather. Reschedules are NOT given for muddy grounds, high winds, cloudy weather or cancelations of your clients. ♥ Renters should rent with the expectation that your payment is non-refundable and plan your business policies accordingly. 

Want to add props to your session?  Some of those items include..... Vintage Rowboat, Cane Poles, Couches, Chairs, Tricycle with Baskets, Rocking Horse, Macramé Swing and More! We have a few currently available for rent for additional fee! Check out our Add-On Page!


Booking & Farm Rules/Terms:

By Booking, you agree to the terms as stated below. Any booking other than General Photography/Videography hourly sessions will require a signed contract with additional terms prior to the booking date.


Responsible Party

The person setting and paying for the booking is considered the responsible party unless otherwise noted and agreed to by Natasha Snyder



Responsible party assumes 100% liability for all persons entering the Little Ranch Farm property associated with the booking and agrees to hold Little Ranch Farm - Natasha Snyder Photography and Landowners harmless for any reason including personal property damage, theft or personal injury of any kind. By paying Deposit you agree that you, the responsible party/photographer/client are responsible for you and your clients/guests and are entering property at your own risk and will not hold landowners responsible for any injury or death. The Clients and all guests invited attend and step onto the property at their own risk. By stepping onto the property, you are all participants of the property and not bystanders.


Farm Rules/ Terms

1. The Responsible Client will be responsible for any plants and/or pots and/or garden beds damaged during their time spot.

2. Photographers and clients must sign waiver of liability form if using animals or row boat for their shoot.
3. Pets/Livestock are allowed and must be on a leash/lead at all times. Please make sure you clean up after your pet while here on the farm. 
4. Children may not run around the property unattended. They may not climb fences or trees or touch animals without permission.

5. Please do not leave any trash or belongings behind.

6. No confetti or Glitter Please. It is messy and dangerous to our chickens free ranging for food.

7. Please do not harass or upset the animals.

8. Responsible Party and their clients must comply with all farm rules. Failure to comply with rules will result in expulsion from the property.

9. No Alcohol Permitted on Property.

10. Please stick to your time spot. Arrive on time and depart on time. Your time includes setting up and take down if using/bringing props. It is likely that other clients are scheduled before and after you. 


*Rental of Rowboat is NOT to be used for Mini Sessions.  One Client per rental of boat.  Waiver must be signed by Photographer & Client. *



If any of your days our rained out, The Little Ranch Farm will work with you to reschedule your session times here on the farm.  Reschedules are only given due to inclement downpour weather. Reschedules are NOT given for muddy grounds, high winds, cloudy weather or client cancelation . No refunds will be given for any other cancellations. No rescheduling for non rainouts.  If you need to reschedule, you must book another time slot for desired day. 

Sunflower Vintage Truck Mini Theme

To book multiple hours, click on recurring & add a time.  

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