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Pink Sunflowers


These additional add-ons are available for your sessions!  Add-ons are a great addition for those that do not want to invest in or store additional, expensive props for your sessions.  We give you the options for us to set up and have a add-on ready for you to rock your minis or themed shoot! 

You are more than welcome to use these items or your regular sessions, mini sessions and for multiple hours!  These are all hourly fees excluding the rowboat! ♥  Further details below each add on listed below with pictures. 

Miniature Greenhouse for Children Under 4 

Stands about 3.5 feet tall.  Perfect for ages 4 and under to fit comfortably  Rental includes the  glass/greenhouse with vintage windows. Decorate this cute greenhouse to your cater to your session.  

Hourly Rental Fee: $45

Tricycle With Baskets

Beautiful Vintage Tricycle with 2 baskets.  One in front and one in the back.  Bring what you would like to fill up the baskets to make your photoshoot unique! Use this bike all around the farm!


Hourly Rental Fee: $35 

Tee Pee - Tent

Perfect for Mini Sessions.  Use for Fall, Spring or Even Summer and Winter Set ups!  Let us know where you would like the tent on the farm and it will be ready and staked down for you and your photoshoot!  Have Fun decorating this cute tent to your themed desire!


Hourly Rental Fee: $55 

Vintage Rowboat

Perfect for Couples wanting a unique session.  Rowboat will be in water for your session.  We will help get your clients in and out of boat for your sessions.  Additional waiver must be signed for use of rowboat. This cannot be used for quick mini sessions but can be used for multiple sessions.  Adults only.  Not for Children unless supervised with Adult.

One Time Fee: $200


This Simple yet Beautiful Arch can be located anywhere on the farm you wish to have placed!  The arch comes undecorated as you can custom design it to your liking for your photoshoot.  

Hourly Rental Fee: $25

Macramé Swing

Beautiful Handmade Macramé Swing.  This Hangs in the entrance way of the greenhouse.  Perfect for Mommy and Me Sessions, boudoir or any session you would like to use it for Max Weight 300 pounds. 

Hourly Rental Fee: $45 

Christmas/Magical Lights

Thinking about sessions in the evening?  Or even during the day and want the magical Christmas Lights?  This really is very pretty and I promise your clients will love it!  

Hourly Rental Fee: $25

flower swing at the greenhouse.jpg

Flower Swing

Wood triangle swing covered with ALL the flowers.  Absolutely Beautiful.  The colors are traditional boho colors with creams, tans, browns and some mauve rose to be able to match any outfit chosen that your client/clients wears for their session. The swing is hung in the entrance of the greenhouse. 

Hourly Rental: $65

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