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A Family who is Beekeeping - Apiary Farm - First Blog ♥

Welp. It is official. Blogging. I am not much of a writer. Usually my stories are told by pictures. What is the saying.... "a picture is worth a thousand words" ? Therefore, I normally let the imagery do the talking for me. ♥ But with all things, I am learning new things... and one of those new things is to actually blog. To blog about the farm and things that are happening here as homesteaders as well as new things that are coming up for those that love to rent the farm!

With that being said, our fist blog is about the Bees Knees. ;) See what I did there? Ok, ok continuing on.... Yesterday was such a beautiful day to get into one of the hives here on the farm. We have lots of hives that have already been gone through, but this was the last hive to do so. Our son, who loves every part of homesteading (for the most part) wanted to participate and help out with going through the hive. With an extra bee suit/jacket with vail in hand, my husband Shane put it on Josiah. A little big, but no worries as it is going to get the job done by keeping Josiah safe from those bee stings. ***Side Note: this hive is my favorite hive as it always produces lots of honey and these bees are very calm. It is also up right next to my huge 19 raised bed garden and you can see this hive when you pull into the farm! Just look to your right! ♥ *** Suited up, the boys slowly went through the hive and were able to pull 3 boxes of honey from winter that they bees did not go through and eat. We brought the boxes in to be extracted and jarred! Busy season of the farm has officially begun! I am so blessed and glad I could capture this moment of father and son working the hive.

Enjoy the images from yesterday:! Have questions about the bees? Bee sure to ask in the comments!!! ♥ ;)

Beekeepers checking the comb from the hive.
Checking the comb

Beekeepers checking the comb from the hive.
Josiah checking out the comb in the frame

Putting Away the Pulled Honey in the Box to Bring in to Extract

Bee Keepers
Josiah checking out the pulled honey comb frame

Bee Keepers
Putting Away the Pulled Honey in the Box to Bring in to Extract

Josiah waving and Shane pulling out a frame full of honey!

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17 mar 2021

Is he not scared to get stung?

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