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Sunflowers to Bloom Next Month, and in June, AND...

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Yep! You read that right! Super excited that Sunflowers are set to bloom next month. Blooms usually last for about 2 weeks (I know, I wish it were longer too) and the blooms should start around the third week of April. ♥ It has been a full out war out here saving the sunflowers to make sure everyone has an amazing 2 patches of sunflowers with the bunnies. And it will be a continued daily war for the rest of the summer protecting these things. But, we are now winning and stalks are now taking off! So for the month of April, this is what our sunflowers will look like. Pink, mauve and white.

Are these not just gorgeous!!!!???? I am excited to see these guys in full bloom! Not interested in these colors? That is ok! Traditional yellow blooms in June! We will be replanting after every bloom - all spring, summer and fall. So YOU can expect different sunflowers every other month roughly!

And one more thing! We will also starting in June have a patch for the littles. What does that mean? It means there will be sunflowers that bloom at 2-3 feet tall so their faces are with the sunflowers and not just stalks with the traditional 6 plus feet tall sunflower stalks. ♥

I will keep everyone posted on the rental page on the sunflower updates as blooms get closer! ♥

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